Endurance Equipment, LLC

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Rotary Log Cranes

Our expertise in Woodyard design has established the Endurance Equipment, LLC product line as the leader in rugged, high performance equipment. With 32 high speed Stem Merchandising Systems installed, we have set the standards for log breakdown technology.

Multiple designs and variations of stem and log singulation components can be custom engineered to suit your individual requirements. Over 300 installations have been completed, covering a wide variety of singulation, indexing and transfer applications.

Sawmill Woodyard Systems

Endurance Equipment, LLC offers a complete line of equipment to improve the production and efficiency of your Sawmill Woodyard. From unloading stems entering the yard with our line of Rotary Log Cranes to collection and transport of waste materials, all aspects of a modern facility are provided.

Components Offered:

  • Complete Woodyard System Design
  • Rotary Log Cranes
  • Stem Infeed Devices
  • Stem Singulation
  • Transverse Stem Merchandising Systems
  • Linear Stem Merchandising Systems
  • Stem/Block Handling Conveyors
  • Block Straightening/Indexing
  • Block Singulation
  • All Types of Log Kicking Devices
  • Block Accumulation Devices
  • Chip/Waste Handling Conveyors

All types of stem handling, block handling and material handling equipment are specifically engineered to enhance and compliment the capabilities of your primary machine centers. Adequate accumulation, proper material presentation, gap control, etc....
does make a difference in overall system performance.

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